Product availability

Some products are available online only while others are available in store only. Not all products available in Stores are available for InStore Pick up. We recommend you visit the stores for more products availability.

Items availability in Quebec:

Certain products we carry are not permitted for sale to addresses in the Province of Quebec under the following terms of The Charter of the French Language, "Toys or games, except those referred to in section 52.1, which require the use of a non-French vocabulary for their operation are prohibited on the Quebec market, unless a French version of the toy or game is available on the Quebec market on no less favourable terms".

Product reviews and rating

We ask that you share your product review with us and all our customers.

To review a product, please follow these steps:

  • Visit the product detail page of the item you are interested in reviewing.
  • Click "Write a Review" located on the right side of the product image.
  • Include your Rating Headline: i.e. "I would buy this product again and again".
  • Select your rating by clicking on the available stars.
  • Enter your review - this is what other people use to help make their decisions
  • Enter your nickname, location, and email.
  • And Bottom line--would you recommend Toys“R”Us Canada and Babies“R”Us Canada Toys”R”Us Canada to a friend?
  • You can preview your review, make changes, agree to the Terms & Conditions, and then submit for viewing within 72 hours.

Review Guidelines

The Toys“R”Us Canada and Babies“R”Us Canada website is a public site; therefore, we ask that you follow some basic rules when submitting a review. Toys“R”Us Canada and Babies“R”Us Canada Toys”R”Us Canada reviews all postings, and we reserve the right to reject or remove any review.

Here are some of the things that can cause a review to be rejected:

  • Offensive or abusive language
  • Reviews that are not relevant to the product being reviewed (ex: regarding delivery service)
  • Reviews that attempt to solicit responses from others (creating a forum)
  • Reviews that contain content about competitors

If approved, your review will appear in its entirety. We will not edit any content, although we will delete any references to the following:

  • Website addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Personal or business addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Full names (first name/last name)


As the toy and baby products authority, we understand the unique role we play as the conduit between manufacturers and our customers. It is a role we take very seriously and requires our constant vigilance. On behalf of the entire Toys“R”Us Canada and Babies“R”Us Canada family, please know that we will continue to work tirelessly to guarantee we are doing everything we can to provide only the safest shopping environment for all families.

Please click here to open the Toys“R”Us Canada and Babies“R”Us Canada product safety and recall page.

The issue of product safety goes well beyond business and directly to the well-being of the families we serve. We are wholly committed to the safety of our customers. If you have purchased a product that has been recalled and you are still within our Returns & Exchanges Policy period, please visit the Store closest to you. If you are outside of our Returns & Exchanges Policy period, you may contact the Manufacturer directly or contact our Customer Success Team who will advise on the proper recall process for your product.

Pre order items

When Toys“R”Us Canada and Babies“R”Us Canada offers customers the ability to pre-order selected items in advance of the manufacturer's public release date, there will be a banner indicating "PRE-ORDER NOW!”

Pre order items are shipped directly to you once the stated release date arrives and you will be notified of your order status via email. You will not be charged for any item until it is shipped to you. Paypal and gift card are not accepted as a method of payment for online pre-order. Please note, expected shipment times appearing in your shopping cart specify when an item is expected to arrive at our warehouse. Pre order items will ship within 1-2 business days after the release date. Release dates may vary based on the manufacturer and are subject to change. We reserve the right to cancel orders not respecting our policies.

Quantity limits and dealer sales

Toys“R”Us Canada and Babies“R”Us Canada reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to limit the quantity of items purchased per person, per household or per order. These restrictions may be applicable to orders placed by the same account, the same credit card, and to orders that use the same billing and/or shipping address. We will attempt to notify you should such limits be applied. Toys“R”Us Canada and Babies“R”Us Canada also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to prohibit sales to dealers or resellers. For purposes of these Terms of Sale, ‘reselling’ is defined as purchasing or intending to purchase any product(s) from Toys“R”Us Canada and Babies“R”Us Canada for the purpose of engaging in a commercial sale of that same product(s) to a third party.