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Audio Mixer: Francois Tetaz. Stepping out from behind the piano/drums of Melbourne indie pop three-piece the Basics for the third time, Belgian-Austr... Read more
Date of release: 24/01/2012
Format: CD
Catalogue number: B001644902
Price: $20.00
Assembled from a mountain of bargain-bin samples, Belgian-Australian maverick Gotye's second solo album, Like Drawing Blood, is an impressively eclect... Read more
Date of release: 14/05/2013
Format: CD
Catalogue number: B001713502
Supplier: REPUBLIC
Price: $15.00
This profile of singer songwriter Gotye explores the life and career of the chart topping musician, following him back stage and behind the scenes to ... Read more
Date of release: 02/07/2013
Format: DVD
Catalogue number: CSF00126
Price: $20.00

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