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Audio Mixer: Rich Costey. Recording information: Dawson's Studio; Electric Lady Studios; Emile's Studio; Enormous Studios; Jungle City; Livingston St... Read more
Date of release: 21/02/2012
Format: CD
Catalogue number: 2528048
Price: $20.00
Personnel: Connie Corn, Rachel Antonoff, Anna Waronker (vocals); Neel Hammond (violin, viola); Timothy Loo, James Freebarin-Smith (cello); Phil Parlap... Read more
Date of release: 25/08/2009
Format: CD
Catalogue number: 06700308472
Supplier: NETTWERK
Price: $15.00
Date of release: 26/06/2012
Format: LP
Catalogue number: 1528048
Supplier: WARNER
Price: $30.00
This musical release from indie rock band Fun profiles the group, following them back stage and behind the scenes to understand the artist behind such... Read more
Date of release: 02/07/2013
Format: DVD
Catalogue number: CSF00124
Price: $20.00
Date of release: 18/05/2010
Format: LP
Catalogue number: 06700308471
Supplier: NETTWERK
Price: $30.00

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